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About Us

We are a dedicated basketball academy offering proper teaching and mentorship of basketball training and life lessons to both boys and girls from grades 1 to 12 (ages; 6 to 18).

Our focus is on building student athletes of great character, tremendous talent and team players. We are passionate about helping every student achieve their maximum potential through our programs and we believe strongly in developing our students both in and outside of basketball.


Our key components are:

  • Accepting all genders and age (grades 1 - 12)

  • Helping all skill levels of basketball players reach the next level.

  • Providing children an opportunity to maximize their talent, grow within the sport of basketball, and develop leadership qualities for success in and outside of basketball.

  • Offering  a consistent basketball curriculum to teach basketball fundamentals, skills development, offensive and defensive drills etc.

We hold true to our Core-Methodology and fundamental approach to developing our students every aspect of both basketball and life. Though our mission may evolve overtime, our promise to our students will always remain; to develop great students with positive and passionate outlook to life. Come join us and lets take your skills to the next level! ​​

Our Director / Coach

Coach alex

Alex was first introduced to basketball by Coach Labefo at an early age, basketball soon became his world and would take him to the highest levels of basketball and places he would otherwise have never seen, including 4 continents, more than 30 countries and an education worth the world. As an athlete Alex played NCAA division one Basketball at Rider University on a full basketball scholarship. Played for Coach Bill Lewit while leading the college Basketball team to a 25-8 record and a regional championship, the first in the school history. Played for the all time winingest College Basketball coach (Coach Gene Bess) in US history. Played 6 years of professional Basketball all over Europe, and Coached intermediate Basketball in Europe. Basketball gave Alex the world and Alex's passion is giving basketball to the world in return. Alex is happily married to Elena and blessed with four children. Alex has a B.Sc. in Business Management from Rider University.

Alex's passion is to continuously develop and foster our basketball program to a level of producing highly skilled student athletes of character, whom are great team players, exceptional and positive influences to their various community.

Alex places great emphasis on a student athlete current abilities and skills needed to be successful at all levels while enabling the student athletes to be the best they can be through easy to understand methods and progressions. 

Our Coaches/Instructors are former professional Basketball players that have played the game at a higher level and for various successful coaches. They are practitioners of the game therefore they are better positioned to teach our methodology.​ 

Why Us

True North Basketball Academy offers a wealth of training sessions all year round for individuals and groups with emphasis on breaking down the fundamentals of the game into various steps, and as such allowing us to teach the proper techniques with drills proven to provide results as well as target our students conditioning in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.


  • Basketball Camps; Skills development and building lasting friendships with other students.

  • Basketball Clinics; Fundamentals, different coaching styles and skills development.

  • Group Training; Fundamentals, skills development, conditioning, and drills in smaller group.

  • Team Training; Offensive/defensive drills from a different coaching style. 

  • Workshops and Specialty Clinics; Tailored program to meet your team/group needs.

  • Conditioning; Conditioning drills coupled with skills development.

  • Invitational Sessions; skills development, and advance offensive/defensive drills.

  • Overseas Tournament; Traveling and competing at various other countries. 

  • Private Training;  Working on various components (shooting, dribbling, passing, offensive and defensive drills, rebounding, defense, and conditioning) of the game.

  • Motivational Speaking; Positive, motivational and encouraging workshop about life and the benefit of sport.​

Our Programs & Camps

Our programs are:

  • After-School/In-School Programs

  • Spring, Summer & Camps

  • Team Training Programs/Clinics

  • Individual/Group Training Programs

  • Invitational Clinic

  • Oversea's Tournaments

  • Motivational Speaking


 True North Basketball Academy believes passionately that through practice and specialized training, basketball skills are developed and students learn the most at practices that are both educational and entertaining, and that's why we offer camps, clinics, workshops, private and group lessons all year round.

We tailor our teachings of basketball fundamentals with advance basketball techniques to "group specific" in a positive and encouraging atmosphere that allow our students to grow and achieve their goals of playing basketball at all levels. We provide our student athletes the opportunity of defining their basketball future.   


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide student athletes a well rounded developmental program for all ages and abilities, using basketball as an excellent avenue to teach moral principles and characteristics such as Self-Confidence, Discipline, Dedication, and Teamwork while having fun. And as such developing their athletic skills, leadership skills, work ethic, world view and enhancing their commitment to a goal.


Our commitment to our student athletes is helping them achieve and surpass their expectations through our basketball programs (clinics, camps, overseas tournaments, private and group lessons, skills development, workshops, and motivational speaker forums).  

Our Mission

Our Values

Deliver an extraordinary experience to our student-athletes while helping them progress: 


  • Teach self-confidence, dedication, team-work, focus, passion and disciplined.

  • Teach respect for self and other athletes, officials and coaches.

  • Teach having and accomplishing long term goals.

  • Teach and relate importance of progression, small achievements and success.

  • Offer opportunities to create life-long friendships, memories and achievement.

  • Teach and promote physical health.

  • Teach and develop attributes that will serve our student-athletes throughout their lives and prepare them for life challengers.           

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality training for all levels of student athletes from beginner to collegiate level, teach sound technical skills, offer positive and passionate methodology to help our students grow as athletes, advice and connect our students with opportunities to play at all levels, teach essential sportsmanship, respect, accountability and teamwork. And for us to be responsive, open, and communicative academy to our students, their parents, their school or organization.                

Our Policies


Participants - Students - Athletes wishing to withdraw from program(s) may do so up to two (2) weeks before the scheduled start date of the program and/or before the registration deadline date (if stated) for a full refund less $25 registration fee (non-refundable). In case of illness or injury to a registered participant; a doctor's note must accompany a refund request.

In the case of unusual circumstance resulting in a program suspension and/or cancellation on our part; credit may be issued towards a subsequent session or refund (less $20) can be refunded to the participant.

For Overseas Trip/Tournaments; student - athletes wishing to withdraw may do so up to Four (4) weeks prior to departure for a full refund less $200 registration fee (non-refundable). Availability on the day of departure and/or for the trip are the responsibility of the student athlete and his/her family. There is no refund within four (4) weeks of departure or due to missed flight.

* Refund for registered programs as stated above will be available, however may take a period of time (5 - 15 business days) to process.


Merchandise may be returned for a full refund less shipping. Any shipping cost incurred to return a product will not be refunded. There is the option to return the merchandise in person during program(s) session. 


As per compliance with legislation: we collect your personal information as to communicate solely with you in-regards to our programs, and all related health and safety matters. The personal information collected may be shared with health care providers in case of medical emergency, and for insurance coverage. We will not disclose or use your personal information for any reason in exception of our programs and all related matters. The information will not be release to a third party without your consent.  


Our terms of service and parent's/participant's agreement is: I, the undersigned, realizing that there is risk inherent in any recreational and competitive activity, and in consideration of my (my child) being allowed to participate in this activity, I assume all risks in connection of this activity.  I further agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the True North Basketball Academy, the parent company: Big A Industry Inc., its officers, officials, coaches, other participants, employees, and agents from any and all claims and liabilities of any type whatsoever, and for damages to, loss or destruction of any property or injury, sickness or death which may now or hereafter arise out of, result from, or in any way be connected with my participation in this activity.  I understand it is my responsibility to obtain health insurance.  I grant True North Basketball Academy permission to seek medical treatment for myself (my child) in the event I am unavailable or unable. I acknowledge that True North Basketball Academy may utilize my name, address, and likeness and hereby waive all rights to compensation for their use in the promotion and operation of True North Basketball Academy. I further state that I am of lawful age and legally competent to sign this release, that I understand the terms herein are contractual and are not mere recital; and that I have signed this document of my own free act.

If you have question(s) or comment(s) regarding our Policies, please write to us at or call us at +1(780) 232-8598

True North Basketball Academy
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